Abenzi Affiliates

We are looking for brand ambassadors for each of our lines. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact us via the contact form or by email: info@abenzi.co.uk and state your name, date of birth and links to your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts.

How Does It Work?

Simple. If we accept your application, Simply post a picture of you in Abenzi clothing on your social media accounts and include the unique code we give you, and a link to our shop.

Customers need to use the unique code in order for us to track sales, and for every sale that is made using your unique code you will receive 20% of the profit!

So for example, if a customer purchases £100 worth of items you will receive £20!

Can I Earn Bigger Profits?

Absolutely! When your account hits 30 sales you will start earning 30% of the profit and if you reach 100+ sales we will negotiate a further increase in profits.

Can I Offer Discounts To My Followers?

We can generate discount codes for you, however any discount applied will reduce your potential profit. We dont typically negotiate discounts until our affiliates reach 30 sales or more.

How Often Are Affiliate Fees Paid?

We will pay each of our affiliates on the last day of each month, to include all sales made within that month.

What If My Followers Don't Use The Unique Code?

Unfortunately we cannot pay affiliates in any instances where unique codes are not used. We have no way of tracking and authenticating sales made without unique codes.

What We Don't Allow

Please do not post images that include deliberately offensive, discriminative or illegal material, please do not post images that include hashtags or links to competitor brands, please do not post copyrighted material. If any of your posts are deemed in breach of the above we will refuse to pay affiliate fees.

Affiliates must be at least 18 years old.

How Do I Join?

Easy - contact us via the contact form or drop us an email at: info@abenzi.co.uk and include your name, date of birth and links to your social media accounts. If your application is successful we will issue you with a unique code to use straight away.